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Is Bluetooth the Newest Attack Vector?

Equifax breach: Some important stuff you need to know

  • 21 September 2017
  • Author: TMcShane
  • Number of views: 21

Security Update: Turn off Bluetooth when not using it.

                Would you be surprised to learn that hackers have found a way to exploit the Bluetooth capabilities on your devices? With all of the headlines floating around nowadays, nothing hackers try should come as a shock. Nonetheless, it has been done, and now it is your duty to take the necessary, albeit inconvenient, steps to protect yourself by turning off Bluetooth when not in use. The malware has been dubbed “Blueborne”, and we are going to unpack it more in depth in this week’s post, as well as shed light on a security application that had been bundled with malware unbeknownst to them. We’ll also give you the latest on the Equifax security breach. 

Equifax Update + Amazon's Expiring Patent

Have you checked if your data has been breached?

  • 14 September 2017
  • Author: TMcShane
  • Number of views: 48

Equifax Security Breach Update

            We’re going to start this week off by sharing the latest updates on the Equifax security breach that occurred last week. If you are an Equifax customer and haven’t checked to see if you have been affected, our last post shares a link where you can do so (or you can call 1-866-447-7559). As investigations into the breach continue, additional holes in Equifax’s security have been revealed. We also discuss a very important Amazon patent that is set to expire this year and its effect on the world of ecommerce. 

Large Corporation Falls Victim to One of the Biggest Data Breaches in US History This Week

143 million customers effected in Equifax data hack

  • 8 September 2017
  • Author: TMcShane
  • Number of views: 58

Equifax Security Breach

                Breaking news this morning revealed yet another case of cybercrime- this time amounting to one of the biggest data breaches in US history. About 143 million customers were affected by the breach, which included compromised credit card and social security numbers, birth dates and drivers licenses. Equifax is a credit reporting agency and is trusted with all sorts of customer’s sensitive information. Since the data breach, Equifax stock dropped more than 8% per share, exemplifying just how crippling one of these events can be to a business. 

Do your Research Before you Donate

Fake Harvey donation sites: Irma impersonators to follow

  • 7 September 2017
  • Author: TMcShane
  • Number of views: 51

Fake donation sites target Harvey donors: Irma sure to follow

            Criminals have no line in the sand when it comes to what they are willing to exploit for personal gain. Hackers took advantage of the latest natural disaster by setting up phony donation websites, and then funneling the proceeds into private accounts. With Irma on the doorstep, it is important to educate yourself on the topic before contributing to any relief efforts. To help, we’re going to break down how to recognize fake donation sites, as well as share some sites that verify charities for you.

How Technology Plays a Role in the Harvey Relief Efforts

Is artificial intelligence growing too fast?

  • 31 August 2017
  • Author: TMcShane
  • Number of views: 62

Technological innovations save lives and more in Houston

Hurricane Harvey brought with him a great test of American resilience. As he waited in the gulf, growing bigger and bigger, emergency and relief teams prepared. When the storm finally arrived, they were determined to make as big an impact as possible, and avoid the pitfalls that have complicated efforts in the past. Technological innovations since 2005 resulted in a more efficient response than that of Katrina. 



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