For February, we look at FIDO – no, we’re not going to the dogs. This stands for Fast Identity Online – a new way to promote security without relying on easily-hacked passwords.  We have details in this issue.  We also look at the continuing fallout from the SolarWinds hack that now has impacted some of the MalwareBytes security tools.  Microsoft is attempting to counter Chromebooks with a stripped-down version of Windows 10 – Windows 10X – that will help them counter the growths in sales for Chromebooks.  The pandemic sent us into Work from Home mode, but will this now become Work from Anywhere?  After all, if you can connect locally, why not spend time in someplace warm in the winter yet still put in a day’s work.  Finally, we look at the Dark Web and how this presents a threat to data security and steps the IT industry is taking to stop malware before it becomes a threat.

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