Our June issue continues our look at cybersecurity and the fallout from the ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline and meatpacker JBS.  An old, albeit complex, VPN password found on the dark web started the attack at Colonia, which Multi-Factor Authentication could have headed off, but was not in place.  We have a discussion from Indiana University’s Center for Cybersecurity on the morals of paying ransomware. We also share more examples of what insurance carriers are asking clients on applications for cyberinsurance, reinforcing the need for companies to have multi-factor authentication in place. SIM2K has advanced security tools we can bring to bear on your company’s network to protect you and your infrastructure, so please call us for any security issues you may have.  And, we look at new features in Google’s Chrome operating system and the demise of the Windows X program which was thought to be Microsoft’s answer to Chrome.  

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