This April, SIM2K introduces a new security partner, Huntress Labs.  Huntress is a new service we will be offering that provides advanced cybersecurity tools that stop hidden threats that can bypass preventive security tools.  There is more information available here on our website.

We also discuss some issues plaguing Microsoft SharePoint and Teams wherein files have been mysteriously moved to the recycle bin or are just gone.  Facebook was hacked in 2019 and now 533 million records of Facebook users, many complete with age, gender, even phone numbers, are now available for free for hackers, so we have a link to check if your data is exposed.  Plus, the fallout from the Exchange hack continues as security experts believe more than 21,000 servers have been impacted in the US alone.  (SIM2K has patched all Exchange servers so we believe we secure.)  Apple and their iOS is now more of a target to hackers, but in a novel way – infecting a tool developers use that plants a backdoor into Apple apps. We have details.  And, our Support Team reports an interesting issue – a client’s magnetic jewelry triggered the “Sleep” mode on their laptop.

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