Our July issue of SIMformation discusses the impending release of Windows 11.  Microsoft has decided to release a new version of its operating system as Windows 11, moving away from the previous strategy of just updating Windows 10.  We have details and a recap of some of the new features of this OS.  We look at the revelation that China was behind the Spring hack of Microsoft Exchange, and the nation’s ongoing attempt to spy on US resources through a variety of hackers and malware.  Also, a ransomware attack shut down a web hosting company, and purportedly a LinkedIn hack has released 700 million user records on the black market.  Another vulnerability has been discoverd, dubbed “PrintNightmare” that would allow a hacker to take control of a system through a flaw in Microsoft’s Print Spooler, and the company’s first attempt to patch this seems to have been unsuccessful, so we encourage you to use defensive tools like Multi-Factor Authentication and intrusion detection to protect your network.

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