Network Services

Network Consulting Services

Your network is the heart of your business. Only trained, certified professionals should design, install and maintain it. In order to maintain a server, a network administrator needs to conduct proactive and preventive maintenance. By monitoring for potential security threats, and checking backup protocols regularly, among other tasks, they ensure your business’ network is running smoothly. Otherwise, it isn’t a question of whether the network will crash, but when.

SIM2K Network Security

Network security is one of the most important components of any business network. Threats to data and operating systems can interfere with development, hinder productivity and harm compliance efforts. SIM2K can help combat these threats by enabling intelligent, flexible IT and network security. By being proactive when it comes to your IT infrastructure, we can provide solutions that protect you and your company’s network. We keep up with the latest threat intelligence and vulnerability to provide your endpoints, applications, systems and networks with the utmost protection. Our services can deliver a total solution for all your services, hardware and software needs. 

We can:
Identify network security threats and risks throughout your company
– Use our experience and technology to help anticipate and avoid attacks
– Offer ideas for a specific plan tailored to meet your company and security objectives.

Network Installation & Support in Indiana

Today’s computer networking has grown incredibly complex. Widely-distributed locations often tie into sensitive shared systems with wireless access and competing protocols. 

These factors, combined with the rise of the Internet and connectivity, have increased the security threats that malware can potentially pose to your business’ information.

Network Engineering

Your business needs to stay one step ahead in today’s ultra-competitive environment. We keep up with and implement cutting edge technology to make sure your business thrives. 

By providing a highly reliable network infrastructure that assures availability and reliability of resources and information at all times, we make sure that critical information is there for you when and where you need it. Use our expertise and IT consulting experience to upgrade your current system, or even perform a complete overhaul.