Whether you need a new server or are looking to replace an outdated or slow one, we can help you every step of the way. SIM2K can help you specify the server that will meet your needs, source the hardware, test and install the server, load software and transfer your files. We specialize in virtualization giving you additional capacity without investing in more and more “boxes” to clutter your server room.

Server Installation and Support

We can help plan and install your business’ server hardware, whether it’s your first server or you’re adding to the services on your network. We also provide server migration and upgrades, to replace outdated and slow hardware, thus improving the flow of day to day operations. If you’re not sure how to invest in a new server, SIM2K can migrate your systems to a new platform, with minimal disruptions to your working day. If your business is relocating, our IT experts can set up your IT system at your new location as well.

Indiana Server Security

We’ll constantly monitor your entire network to make sure no viruses, malware or other nasty intruders disrupt your network operating system and the security of your business, workforce, or you.

Shutters Protection

The World Wide Web can seem like the Wild Wild West. Malware, viruses, trojans, exploits and several other evils are lurking and waiting to infect your business’ computers. Inappropriate Internet content that doesn’t belong in a work environment is another problem. SIM2K® Shutters is there to protect your business server from these dangers, as well as control inappropriate content.

One way it protects your work environment from unwanted internet content is by using Domain Name Service (DNS) checks to review and approve a site before connecting to it. Because many of today’s malware exploits pass over the Internet, by checking the DNS we can weed out traffic that poses a danger to your network. For any Internet site, be they malicious or benign, your coverage is incredibly comprehensive. Because data traffic isn’t affected, your business can optimize throughput without losing latency and the bandwidth that comes with appliances and proxy services. You also don’t have to worry about sending traffic through a third-party vendor, and the security concerns that can entail.


SIM2K® MAVerick, or Managed Anti-Virus, is our anti-virus service. It utilizes advanced technology to scan large volumes of information quickly, with a minimal impact on your business’ system performance. MAVerick detects and blocks viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, bots and rootkits via a single, powerful anti-malware engine. It also protects against e-mail viruses, with direct support for the ever-popular Microsoft Outlook, as well as Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any e-mail program that uses POP3 or SMTP. It also strips e-mails of phishing links, blocking access to phishing websites.

Critical Updates

Hackers, spammers and even curious individuals pose a constant threat to your business’ server. You can install the latest server security updates from Microsoft or one of many computer security companies, but if you don’t update and maintain them, they aren’t worth much. Microsoft alone issues about 2 to 6 updates per month. Keeping up with them and making sure everything is safe can be a major chore. Unfortunately, when it comes to your servers, there are too many dangers lurking to take security for granted. SIM2K® Managed Critical Care Update is the service your business needs to make sure your systems, data and key information are up to date and more importantly, safe. Previously only available as part of our SIM2K Pinnacle monthly support program, we now offer SIM2K Critical Update service on its own.