Our November issue of SIMformation looks at the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, and whether the government’s effort to bring chip manufacturing back to the US will be a boon to the industry.  We also have an in-depth look at Windows 11 Search and how to conduct advanced searches to let you find documents or other files more quickly.  We also include a “clip and save” section of terms and syntax to help you facilitate your search.  The White House convened a summit wherein nations discussed ransomware and what can be done to stem this cybercrime.  In a similar vein, Russian hackers are suspected in a “denial of service” attack against US airport websites.  And, a California lawsuit is pending against Google alleging that Chrome’s “Incognito Mode” did not protect user’s privacy after all.  Plus, we look at a zero-day threat against Apple iPhones and iPads, how TikTok is mining data and ransomware scammers were tricked into releasing decryption codes without getting paid.

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USB Drives Contain Malware The group behind the Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware malware is mailing infected USB keys to American organizations. According to several news reports, the FBI has sent that warning