Our August issue of SIMformation discusses how an insurance carrier has sued to rescind a policy, saying the applicant company lied about imposing security features like multi-factor authentication (MFA).  We have details and how we can help you audit your network and help make sure you meet cyberinsurance standards. We also look at new encryption standards coming for advanced computing trends that are aimed at securing your data.  Hackers continue to target healthcare, and several Indiana-based institutions have been hit.  The next generation of wireless technology, Wi-Fi 7, is about to hit the market, so we cover how this will improve speeds.  And, Microsoft has discovered a way that cybercriminals could get around MFA using a “man in the middle” scheme.  We show how and have tips on what to watch out for in this ploy.

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USB Drives Contain Malware The group behind the Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware malware is mailing infected USB keys to American organizations. According to several news reports, the FBI has sent that warning