Our March SIMformation has a discussion about small businesses and cybersecurity.  Too many feel they are “too small” to be targeted by malware, which is exactly what the bad guys want.  We have some thoughts from an industry insider on this topic that we feel makes the case on why you need to be security aware.  We also look at recent outages from major Cloud providers like Oracle and Microsoft, and why you need to consider putting critical business applications in the Cloud.  Apple is moving away from their Lighting Cable to USB-C, and instituting a “Made for iPhone” program to ensure security – those cheap cables at the checkout counter may not work with your iPhone.  The hack at LastPass is covered one last time as the point of entry for the hack has been discovered, and shows to what length people will go to get access to a database.  Microsoft is incorporating AI into more and more products, such as the upcoming Bing Chat which uses AI to answer questions.  Microsoft is planning on extending AI into other software such as Office.  Finally, our unified communications partner Zultys is notifying customers using texting to register a phone number with The Campaign Registry due to changing carrier regulations.  And, Twitter is making changes to their use of multi-factor authentication and is it time for a four-day workweek?

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